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Terms of Sale:

1.  We promise to honestly represent our tubes.  Of course, we are often at the mercy of the people WE buy from.  Because of this, we offer a ten day money back guarantee on our tubes.  We make a small mark on the tubes for identification.  After the ten days, this is easy to remove with kerosene or other solvents or by just lightly scraping the glass with a razor blade. We reserve the right to refuse a refund for any tube that has been damaged. As long as it tests the same as when it was shipped, your money will be refunded.

2.  We test all our tubes on Hickok or Sencore testers.  Any numbers on the tubes, however, are reference values and not in any electrcial units.

3.  Tubes are sold as New (recent manufacture), NOS (New Old Stock), or Used.  Please note that NOS tubes do not always have perfect lettering.  They may not have been stored in tube boxes and may have been handled on several occasions.  If perfect lettering is important to you, you should say so.  There will be an additional charge for hand selection.  NOS tubes may also show deposits in the bottom.  Many manufacturers 'burned in' their tubes so evidence of some use does not disqualify a tube as NOS.  All our used tubes, unless otherwise noted, test strongly.  This means that they have a useful service life ahead of them.  We will not sell 'marginal' used tubes. All tubes are US or European unless otherwise specified.

4.  Shipping is a fixed $7 for 'Priority Mail' for shipments up to 1 lb. First Class mail is also available. Insurance is $2 for the first $100 plus $1 for each additional $100 of insurance.

5.  Terms of payment are check or money order in advance, Paypal, or credit card.


The most common types are listed but we have many others, email us about availability.

Unless specified, all listed tubes are US made.

You can request specific brands.

Tube types listed in blue are equivalent to the type listed in the line above.

Number listings first. Letter listings follow.

2A3. Generic Russian or Chinese. NOS. Matched pair, $95.

2A3. Generic Russian or Chinese. NOS. $50. (have 1).

5AR4 (GZ34), New Shuguang, $10.

5AR4 (GZ34), New Sovtek, $15.

5U4 Rectifiers, NOS, $15.

5U4 Rectifiers, Coke Bottle style, $25.

5V4G Rectifiers, GE or Sylvania, NOS , $15.

5V4G Rectifiers, JAN RCA, NOS, $25.

5Y3 Rectifiers, NOS, $15. Used, $10.

6AL5, NOS, $2.

6AQ8, Used (test as new), $20.

6AU6A, NOS, $4.

6AU6, Used Telefunkens, test as new, $15 each.

6BA6, NOS, $4.

6BE6, NOS, $4.

6BL8, NOS Philips, $10.

6BN8, NOS, $7.

6BQ5 (EL84), Sovtek. New, in matched pairs or quads, $6 each.

6BQ5 (EL84), Used USA, (test as new), $25.

7189 (Super 6BQ5/EL84), Used GE/RCA (test as new), $30.

6BQ7A, NOS, $5.

6CA7 (EL34), Used Mullard double halo (have 1), $50.

6CA7 (EL34), Used Telefunkens, (test as new), matched pair, $95.

6CM6 (6FV8, 6CS5, 6CZ5, 6BE8, 6DW5), NOS, $5.

6L6 GA, Hytron (CBS) coke bottle, matched pair, NOS in original boxes, $75 each.

6L6G AY, Sylvania, Brown Base, Coke Bottle, JAN CHS, used (test as new), $50 each. (have 2)

6L6 GC, Svetlana. Matched pairs, quads, or sextets. Probably the best of today's tubes, $30 each.

6L6 GB, Sovtek. Matched pairs, quads, or sextets. New, $20 each.

6SJ7, NOS $4, Used, $3.

6SL7GT, Ken-Rad, Nickel Plates, NOS, $35. (have 2)

6SL7GT, RCA, NOS, $25.

6SL7GT, Sylvania, JAN, NOS, $25. (have 2)

6SL7WGT, Sylvania Brown Base, JAN, NOS, $35. (have 2)

6SL7WGT, Sylvania, JAN, NOS, $25. (have 7)

6SN7. Used RCA, GE, and others that test as new.....$10 each (can match).

6SN7GTB, GE, NOS, $25.

6SN7WGTA, GE, JAN, NOS, $25. (have 1)

6U8 (6EA8), NOS $10.

6U8, Telefunken. The best tubes ever made.....Used (test as new), $20.

6X4, Tungsol, RCA, GE, or Sylvania. NOS, $10..

6202 (6X4), NOS RCA, $5

12AT7, Amperex Bugle Boy.  Used, (test as new), $25.

12AT7, Mullard. Used (test as new), $25.

12AT7, Telefunken. Used, (test as new), $25.

12AT7WA (War Administration), NOS Magnavox, $35.

12AT7, NOS Westinghouse, $25.

12AU7, NOS GE, $25.

12AU7, NOS Sylvania Green Label, $25.

12AU7, Amperex Bugle Boy. Used (test as new), $30.

12AU7, Mullard. Used (test as new), $30.

12AU7, Telefunken. Used (test as new)--Ribbed Plates, $30. Flat Plates, $35.

12AU7, (5814) NOS RCA military grade, $30.

12AU7, (6189W) NOS JAN Philips military grade, $30.

12AX7, Amperex Bugle Boys. Used, (test as new), $30.

12AX7, Mullard. Used (test as new). Long plates, $35. Short plates, $30.

12AX7, Telefunken. Used (test as new)-- Ribbed plates, $50.

12AY7 (6072), NOS $15, Used, $10.

12AZ7, NOS, $5.

12BH7A, NOS GE or Sylvania, $25.

12BY7A, NOS, Email.

12DW7 (7247), New Tesla, $15.

12DW7 (7247). Used Telefunken (tests as new), $35.

12DW7 (7247). Used Mullards (test as new), $35.

45. USA, used (tests 'as new'), $40.

45. USA matched pair, used (tests 'as new'), $95/pr.

83V, Used Raytheon (tests 'as new'), $20.

5814, NOS RCA (12AU7) military grade, $35.

5879, NOS, $9.

5881 (6L6), Used Tungsol (test as new), matched quad $120.

5881 (6L6), Used USA (test as new), $35.

6189W JAN Philips (12AU7) NOS, $25.

6201 (See 12AT7 above)

6202 (6X4), NOS RCA, $5.

6267 (EF86), Amperex, NOS, Original box, $65.

6267 (EF86), Amperex Bugle Boy, NOS, original box. $75.

6267 (EF86), Amperex Bugle Boy, used--test 'as new', $35.

6267 (EF86), Mullard, used--test 'as new', $35.

6267 (EF86), Telefunken, used--test 'as new', $35.

6267 (EF86) Svetlana. New, $15.

6550 (KT88) NOS RCA 'Coke Bottles'. Matched pair. No original boxes. $95 ea.

7189, Can substitute New Sovtek 6BQ5's, $6.

7189 (Super 6BQ5), Used USA (test as new), $30.

7199, NOS RCA Black Plates, $45.

7199, NOS Ratheon or Realistic, US made, $35.

7199, Used USA (test as new), $25.

7199, NOS Sovtek, $20.

7247 (12DW7), New Tesla, $15.

7247. (12DW7) Used Telefunken (tests as new), $35.

7247. (12DW7) Used Mullards (test as new), $35.

7408.  Harman Kardon.  Used quad, $120.

7591A. Electro Harmonix. New, $25.

7591A.  NOS USA.  5 RCA, 2 GE, 1 Sylvania.   $75 each.

7591. Used USA (test as new), $30.

7868. NOS USA, $50. (have 6)

7868. Used USA (test as new), $30.

EF86 (6267), Amperex, NOS, Original box, $65.

EF86 (6267), Amperex Bugle Boy, NOS, original box. $75.

EF86 (6267), Amperex Bugle Boy, used--test 'as new', $35.

EF86 (6267), Mullard, used--test 'as new', $35.

EF86 (6267), Svetlana. New, $15.

EL34 (6CA7), Used Mullard double halo, (test as new), $50 (have 1).

EL84 (6BQ5), Sovtek. New, in matched pairs or quads, $6 each.

EL84 (7189), Used USA (test as new), $30.

KT88 (6550). NOS RCA 'Coke Bottles'. Matched pair. No original boxes. $95 ea.

'ANTIQUE' TUBES ('fat' pins)

2A3. Generic Russian or Chinese. NOS. Matched pair, $95.

2A3. Generic Russian or Chinese. NOS. $50. (have 1).

2B7. Used, $5.

5Z3, Coke Bottle, NOS , $5.

6A6, RCA, NOS, $10.

6A7. Used, $5.

6C6, Used, $10.

6F7. Used, $5.

6G5. Used, $20.


24. Used, $5.

24A, Philco, used, $10.

24A, RCA, NOS, $20.

25Z5. Used, $5.

27, Used, $10.

G27, Used, $10.

38. Used, $5.

39. Used, $5.

42, Used, ST style--$10. Globe--$50.

43, NOS, $15.

45. Used RCA coke bottle, tests 'good', $35.

45. Used United Electron that tests 'as new'. $75.

46, Used, $15.

47, Used, $10.

56, Used, $10.

58. Used, $5.

ER58-1, Used, $10.

71A, Used ST, $20.

71A, Used Globes, $30.

CX71A, Used Globe, $30.

75. Used, $10.

76. Used, $10.

77, Used, $10.

78. Used, $5.

80, RCA, NOS, $20. (have 2)

80, Used, $10.

82, Used, $10.

83V, Used Raytheon (tests 'as new'), $20.

89, Used, $10.

UX201A, Radiotron, used, $25.

201A, Used, $25.

224. Used, $15.

227. Used, $15.

281. Used, $30.

C281, Used, $25.

C324A, Cunningham, used, $10.

C327, Used, $15.

350. Used Cunningham.

CX371A, Used Globes, $30.

CX381, Used, $20.

401, Used, $25. (Have 4)

424, Audion, used, $20.

C586, Used, $225.

866A. Used, $10.

There's nothing like the soft glow of tube equipment and a night of great listening! Feel free to call us for advice on all tube equipment.


David Dicks

CommonSense Audio

34 Wild Horse Way

Chesterfield, Missouri 63005  USA


Telephone:  telephone number

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