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Home Theater Guys Podcast Interview About Audio Nirvana (starts at 23:50)

Home Theater Guys Podcast Interview--Busting Audiophile Myths (starts at 24:10)

Home Theater Guys Podcast Interview--Busting Speaker Myths (starts at 30:45)

Estatica (Italy)--Interview


Affordable Audio --Audio Nirvana 'Super 12' in 2.8 cabinets.

Affordable Audio --Audio Nirvana 'Super 8' in 'Minimonitor' cabinets.

Analog (Japan)--Audio Nirvana 300B Amplifier

Bound For Sound--Page 1 --Audio Nirvana 'Standard 8' in 'Minimonitor' cabinets.

Bound For Sound--Page 2

DIY Audio Projects--Audio Nirvana 'Classic 4+ Ferrite'

DIY Audio Projects--Audio Nirvana 'Classic 5 Ferrite'

Glow in the Dark Audio--Audio Nirvana 300B SET Amplifier

High Fidelity Review --Audio Nirvana 'Super 8'

HT Guys--Audio Nirvana 'Classic 5 Ferrite' in Barn wood cabinets

Linked In--Classic 12 Ferrites in $72 Cabinets!

Positive Feedback --Audio Nirvana 'Super 8 Alnico' in 'Monitor' cabinets with Audio Nirvana '6V6 Ultralinear' Amplifier

Positive Feedback --Audio Nirvana 'Super 8' in 'Minimonitor' cabinets.

The Sensible Sound --Lowther PM6C in '2.5 MkII' cabinets.

TNT Audio--'Classic 8 Ferrite' in open baffles.

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