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full range speakers and vacuum tube amplifiers

DIY Full Range Speakers and Factory Built Vacuum Tube Amps

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astatic microphone

Astatic DNHZ .



5A 18/9 mic clip adaptor

5A 20/1 mic clip adaptor


5A switchkit for 25A stand

C61 lapel mic w/power supply

686A Lavalier Dynamic mic, 70-20K response w/manual. Minatronics wireless adaptor.

689BX mic


DNHZ mic

Atlas Sound

DS2 Stands


PCC160 Phase Coherent Cardioid mic w/manual. 50 to 18K.

Electrovoice (EV)

RE51 headset mic

416 stand

647A dynamic mic w/manual. 60-12K

649B mic

924 mic

Primo (Hi End Japanese Microphones)

UD818 unidirectional dynamic mic w/test sheet. Brand new (from 1965). 100-14K

DM1318 Slim Broadcast Studio Dynamic mic. Non-directional. Brand new (from 1965). 50-15K.

DM1346 Omnidirectional Dynamic mic. Brand new (from 1965). 50-15K.


345 Desk Stand (MA2305)


55S mic replacement body/frame

CX80C (for Bell and Howell)

300 bidirectional gradient mic

520SLB mic

533B/33P mic stands

544 Unidyne III mic. 50-15K w/manual.

819 unidirectional condenser mic w/ 809/819 preamp


U9S mic

58 mic


David Dicks

CommonSense Audio

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Chesterfield, Missouri 63005  USA


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