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Are you ready to try Lowthers--one of the world's best speakers?

One of the world's most efficient speakers?

Where a single 8 inch full range speaker covers the entire musical spectrum (30 to 22,000 hz)?

With free cabinet plans, parts list, and setup tips (with any purchase)?

diy speaker cabinetlowther bass reflex diy speaker cabinetlowther ambience speaker cabinetlowther ambience diy speaker projectlowther ambience diy speaker kitlowther speaker project

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full range speaker projectfull range speaker kit with woofer

Some of our many different Lowther DIY cabinet designs


Welcome to Lowther Speakers USA.  You've found the best place on the internet to purchase Lowther full range speakers.  These are among the best full range speakers and most efficient speakers available anywhere in the world, at any price.  We have more than 50 years experience in designing, building, and selling full range, high efficiency speaker systems.  We guarantee to have the lowest prices and the best advice.  Our Lowther cabinet designs are not only beautiful, but give the best sound possible from Lowther full range speakers.  We offer free cabinet plans, parts list, and setup tips with any purchase.

Why Buy From Us?

Because of our 50 years experience building full range and coaxial speakers, and vacuum tube amplifiers.

when you buy from us, you get free, unlimited lifetime technical support, on our speakers, and help with any cabinet design.

We'll do custom design work so you can build cabinets to your own specifications or modify your existing cabinets--free with any purchase.

we'll even design a custom cabinet for you--for free.

what do you get from mail order companies?

We're not just a business.  We love music as much as you do.  Our goal is to make the best possible sound affordable for everyone.

We honestly feel that the Audio Nirvana, Lowther, and Fostex speakers we sell are the best sounding speakers in the world at any price.

Why are Lowthers Among the World's Best Speakers?

1. Because Lowther speakers are full range (30 hz to 22,000 hz). Combining separate woofers, midranges, and tweeters--by using crossovers--is unnecessary.

2. Detail, accuracy, and realism are unmatched because the sound comes from a single voicecoil.

3. Clarity, speed, and low distortion are unrivaled because Lowther speakers have the lightest cones, the strongest magnets, and the most rigid frames.

4. Imaging and soundstage are unsurpassed because the sound comes from a single point in space.

5. Lowther speakers are also among the world's most efficient speakers. Minimum efficiency in any cabinet: 102 dB/1 watt/1 meter.

Model Range

Lowthers come in two frame sizes--8 inch and 6 inch.

Lowthers use three different magnet materials--ceramic (ferrite), alnico, and neodymium.

Lowthers come in two different designs--standard and 'EX'.

Speaker Specifications

DX Series Drive Units

EX Series Drive Units

C Series Drive Units

A Series Drive Units

A Series 6 inch Drive Units

What's the World's Best Lowther Speaker?

The CommonSense Audio 2.8 Ambience

1.  What is it?  A bass reflex version of the Lowther factory 'Academy' speaker.  We have been working with Lowthers for 30 years.   We have heard every Lowther model in every cabinet.  This is the best sounding Lowther speaker system. 

2.  Why bass reflex?  Because it gives much faster, tighter, accurate, and more musical bass than a bass horn design.

3.  Why does it use 2 speakers?  Lowther cones are only 5 3/4 inches.  The problem with Lowthers has always been trying to get enough bass to balance the very detailed midrange and highs.  The second speaker provides the bass that's missing from one Lowther.

4.  What is the second speaker?  A very inexpensive Audio Nirvana Classic 8W Ferrite ($295/pair with free shipping) with matching white cone.  These are equal in quality and efficiency, with the Lowther, but provide much more bass.  The Lowther 'Academy' uses two Lowther drivers, but it is unnecessary to spend so much money for the second Lowther driver on top. 

5.  Which Lowther driver is used?   The Lowther DX3 ($1395/pair with free shipping) which is the best sounding Lowther speaker--the most balanced, smoothest, and most musical.

6.  There are two versions:  the narrow 2.8 MkII Ambience and the wider 2.8 Series I Ambience.   The sound is the same but they have a different appearance.

7.  Order now and receive one pair Lowther DX3, one pair Audio Nirvana Classic 8W Ferrite, plans, setup tips, instructions, and pictures.

Ordering Suggestions


First, decide whether you want a bass reflex design or a bass horn design.  We have free plans for all of our CommonSense Audio bass reflex designs, 7 different Lowther factory bass reflex designs, and 10 factory bass horn designs. For a technical discussion of bass reflex vs. bass horn cabinets Click Here


We recommend the Lowther DX3 as the first choice in any cabinet.  It is an exceptionally detailed speaker and the best balanced of all Lowthers.  It also happens to be one of the least expensive. It is superior to any of the very expensive alnico models.

The EX series, with the unusual 'phase equalizer', are only recommended in bass horn cabinets where the speaker does not directly face the listener.   Examples would be the TP1 or Audiovector cabinets.   The EX series is 'beamy', to avoid reflections off the sides of a bass horn cabinet.   It also has increased output, in the upper midrange and lower treble, for the same reason.   It is not suitable for mounting where the listener can see the speaker.

For a 'live' or 'hard' room, or with poor quality recordings, we recommend our own Audio Nirvana 'Super 8 Alnico' speakers. These are much smoother than any Lowther.  Click Here

Lowthers can be too bright in a 'live' or 'hard' room, or with poor quality recordings.


Including free plans, parts list, and setup tips. Free Shipping.

DX Series Speakers

DX2 $1195/pr
DX3 $1395/pr
DX4 $2195/pr
DX45 $1195/pr
DX55 $1395/pr
DX65 $2195/pr

C Series Speakers

PM6C $1195/pr
C45 $1195/pr

A Series Speakers

PM6A $1495/pr
PM7A $1995/pr
PM2A $2095/pr
PM5A $2595/pr
PM4A $2995/pr
A45 $1495/pr
A55 $1995/pr

EX Series Speakers

EX2 $1295/pr
EX3 $1595/pr
EX4 $2295/pr

Silver voicecoils are available for $50 each, but not recommended.  They have the effect of lowering the detail of each respective speaker.  This is probably due to the heavier weight of silver wire.  So, a DX3 Silver, for example, would sound like a standard DX2.  So, why pay extra for silver voicecoils?

EX Series, with phase equalizers (rather than the standard 'bullet' phase plugs), are only suitable in bass horn cabinets where the driver does not directly face the listener.

Buy the Best Sounding Model Now:

Lowther DX3

lowther dx3 full range speaker kitlowther dx3 full range speaker project

$1395/pair with free shipping in the USA.

International Customers: Please email for discount shipping prices: sales@anspeakers.com

Cabinet Designs

diy speaker cabinets

Some of our bass reflex cabinet designs for the Lowther speaker.

Left to Right: 2.8 MkII, 2.8 Series I, 1.3, Minimonitor, and Micromonitor

CommonSense Audio Bass Reflex Cabinet Designs

More than 99.9% of all speakers ever made are bass reflex designs.  That's because they give the most clear, detailed, accurate, and realistic musical reproduction.  We offer many different models of bass reflex cabinets of our own design.  With your purchase of a pair of speakers, you will receive a free set of our cabinet plans, a parts list (and where to get the parts), and a list of setup tips.  In addition to our own designs, we can offer seven different Lowther factory bass reflex plans.

All of our cabinets can be constructed with 3/4 inch Baltic Birch or marine plywood, MDF, or industrial grade particle board.

lowther bass reflex micromonitor speaker project'Micromonitor' (16T x 10W x 7.25D inches or 406 x 254 x 184 mm)

lowther minimonitor speaker kit'Minimonitor' (19T x 10.5W x 11.25D inches or 483 x 267 x 286 mm)

lowther monitor diy speaker cabinet'Monitor' (24T x 13.5W x 11.25D inches or 610 x 343 x 286 mm)

lowther monitor mk2 diy speaker project 'Monitor MkII' (24T x 11.25W x 13.5D inches or 610 x 286 x 343 mm)

lowther 1.3 diy speaker kit'1.3' (32T x 10W x 10D inches or 813 x 254 x 254 mm)

lowther 2.8 diy speaker cabinet'2.8 Mk II' (38.5T x 12W x 13.75D inches or 978 x 305 x 349 mm)

lowther 2.8 mk2 diy speaker kit'2.8 Series I' (38.5T x 14.5W x 11.25D inches or 978 x 368 x 286 mm)

lowther 2.8 ambience diy speaker cabinetslowther 2.8 ambience diy speaker plan'2.8 Mk II Ambience' (38.5T x 12W x 13.75D inches or 978 x 305 x 349 mm)

lowther dynamic 2.8 speaker kit'2.8 Series I Dynamic' (38.5T x 14.5W x 11.25D inches or 978 x 368 x 286 mm)

--Also Available in narrow MkII style cabinet

Lowther Factory Bass Reflex Designs

Acousta 90

Bicor 20

Bicor 100

Bicor 1000 (also known as the Accolade 2)

Accolade 4

LIB (Lowther Ideal Baffle)

Voigt Pipe

Which Bass Reflex Is Best?

A properly designed speaker cabinet should only do two things.....hold the speaker in position and make bass.  Generally speaking, each increase in cabinet size adds about 10% more bass and dynamics to the presentation.  The mid and high frequencies of each cabinet are the same, but with more bass on the bottom, the overall tonal balance of each speaker is different.  Each cabinet is tuned for the best balance given the size limitations.  In the smaller cabinets, this is done by taking bass from the extreme bottom octaves and moving it upwards.  So, the larger cabinets have greater extension and can produce higher sound pressure levels, but the smaller cabinets still have a balanced presentation.

Among our 2.8 cabinets, the Series I is a bit softer and warmer than the 2.8 MkII models.  The 2.8 MkII is a bit more detailed and efficient.  And we offer two different cabinet tunings (or 'porting') for each of these cabinets.  The Twin Port models have slightly lower bass extension. The Big Port models have more mid bass.  The two driver '2.8 Ambience' is so dynamic, full, and rich that it sounds like it uses a 12 inch Lowther.  We usually recommend the Twin Port tuning for the 2.8 Ambience.

Speaker Selection for Bass Reflex Cabinets

With bass reflex designs, the cabinet is inert and contributes nothing but bass to the presentation.  So, you can pick the speaker with the right level of detail for the acoustics of your listening room, quality of your recordings, and listening tastes.  The speaker doesn't have to 'compete' with the cabinet as it does in a bass horn cabinet.  Here are our recommendations:

Soft Rooms Lowther DX3 $1395/pr
Medium Rooms Lowther DX3 $1395/pr
Live Rooms

Poor Quality Recordings

(many mainstream CD's and

.mp3 compressed recordings)

Audio Nirvana

'Classic 8 Alnico'

'Super 8 Alnico'

Click Here



All other Lowther models are also available.

Bass Horn Cabinet Designs

lowther hegeman diy cabinetlowther tp1 diy speakerlowther corner horn diy speaker projectlowther diy speaker

lowther diy speaker projectlowther diy bass horn cabinet

lowther bass horn diy speaker cabinetlowther dual full range speaker kitlowther diy speaker cabinetlowther full range speaker project

Bass horn cabinets have origins going back 70 years or more.  They were originally designed only to produce bass of 200 hz and lower.   They were never intended to use full range speakers, which send a lot of midrange and treble information through the horn.  This sound comes from the back of the speaker cone.  After going through the horn, it gets distorted and comes out significantly time delayed from the sound from the front of the speaker.

Bass horns usually offer a softer, warmer, and less detailed sound and are primarily used for classical music only (where they mimic what goes on in a concert hall).  Stereo imaging is almost non existent from bass horns because of all the different sounds coming from many different places.  Bass horn bass is usually 'soupy', 'ragged', and 'one note'--tones rather than individual bass notes.  We offer plans for ten different factory designs and can advise you on which one is best for your room and your listening tastes, if you want to give them a try.  Yes, they are 'cool' looking--their main appeal today.  If you're going to expend all the effort to build bass horn cabinets, choose a design from the bass horn experts.....the Lowther factory.

Want the bass horn 'sound' without any of the problems?  There is a way to produce the same results with bass reflex cabinets.  By mounting a second inexpensive speaker on the top of the cabinet--pointing up--it is possible to produce the same wide, spacious, ambient sound, but with much better imaging.  We call this cabinet the 2.8 'Ambience'.  It produces a wonderful ambient presentation--much as the bass horns do--but without many of the problems mentioned previously.  Most people prefer it to bass horn designs when they hear them side by side.  The 2.8 'Ambience' has better imaging, lower distortion, and all the accurate, realistic bass that can only be achieved with a bass reflex design.  We believe that it is the best answer for classical music too.

In addition, the 2.8 Ambience can be built with a switch for the top speaker (so it can be turned off).  With this switch, it is possible to have it both ways.  You can operate the front speaker for most 'normal' types of music.  You can turn on the top speaker when you want a more ambient or powerful sound.  Two speakers working together doubles the bass and dynamics of the system.  This can be preferred for many types of music.

Best of all, the 2.8 Ambience is just six pieces of wood, glued together, with four holes cut in two panels.  In a bass horn cabinet you have scores of different wood pieces of different shapes and sizes which you must cut out and then put together.  Why spend months building a bass horn cabinet--that will sound much worse--when you can build this bass reflex design next weekend?

Lowther Bass Horn Cabinet Designs





Opus One

Standard Acousta 115

Super Acousta 124

Mini Acousta 109

Bicor 200

Bicor 2000

Need Someone To Make Speaker Cabinets For You?
    5.6 diy speaker project

    Recommended Cabinet Makers:

AudioAddicted (UK) +447510598169 audio.addicted@outlook.com

  +48 602 666 466 wkg101@wp.pl

207-650-1084 info@k-m-a.us

Inlow Horn Designs

McCabe Fabrication 402-781-2569 jmccabe@futuretk.com  

Salvage Audio Speaker Cabinets 805-712-3863 salvageaudio@gmail.com

Stewart Speaker Systems 705-733-1033 stewartspeakersystems@gmail.com

+61 409 286 150 info@tubesoundaudio.com.au

We invite other interested dealers to also get involved in building complete systems. We will furnish all plans for free--with no licensing fees--as long as you purchase the full range speakers from us. We'll also be happy to design new cabinets to your specifications at no charge. And we'll link to your website. Become an OEM speaker company!


Shipping is free in the Continental US.

Please call or email for international shipping prices.


We can accept credit cards, Paypal, postal money orders, bank checks, or wire transfers.


All speakers are covered by the factory's two year warranty.


To keep prices as low as possible, all sales are final.

To Order

Email or call to confirm the order and discuss shipping arrangements.


David Dicks

CommonSense Audio

34 Wild Horse Way

Chesterfield, Missouri 63005  USA


Telephone:  telephone number

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Unbelievable! Thank you very much. They have exceeded my already inflated expectations."--Gerard Sonnier

"I was absolutely flabbergasted and dumbfounded at what I heard. Imaging like I have never heard before! The speakers disappeared in the sonicsoundstaging all around me! All of the other usual superlatives apply here. Your speakers are simply incredible to listen to in every way; very engaging and realistic tone and timbre to the instruments, decent bass (surprising, especially considering the small drivers) and incredibly holographic 3-D sound! The soundstaging is bigger and better than I could ever have imagined it to be. I am now selling my Oris horns onAudiogon!"--Dr. Tristan Jacobsen, Pharm.D., RPh

"I've had your 2.5/DX3s for over a year now. They continue to amaze me... "suspension of disbelief" amazed! They really ARE the best! Additionally, what has surprised me the most is how great they sound with such a wide variety of music. We've all heard speakers that work well with certain genres of music but not others: not these- they are sensational with everything from folk to symphony and everything in between. I'm convinced that your 2.5 is a "breakthrough product". Last night, I came into the living room to see my son (age16) in a zen- like trance, on the couch, listening to Led Zeppelin. He opened his eyes and shouted with glee "It's right there, the snare drum- I can SEE it" as he points to a very specific spot between the Lowthers. I responded "Yes- the Lowthers- they're really something!" Perhaps a seemingly insignificant moment EXCEPT that it happens all the time now- since you shipped us your 2.5s. Whether it's rock, classical, jazz, blues, ballads...anything and everything...your 2.5 cabinet housedLowthers make music like no other speaker I've heard. I'm SO glad that I went with your 2.5s...especially when I think about the speakers that I almost bought instead and how disappointed I would have been if I had. Thanks for the great music. The 2.5s bring the whole picture into focus: spatially & temporally!"-----Gary Dehmcke

"Holy shit! I've never heard imaging like that. I could hear reverbs, breathing, seat cusions squeaking, all kinds of stuff I never noticed. I put them up in my studio as nearfields and spent some time aiming them and finding a sweet spot. Once dialed in I put in some nice acoustic recordings. It was very seductive. The music came out of the speaker and threw me into an "environment" that the other speakers couldn't do. I sat back, closed my eyes and listened to some of my favorite music in a new way. It's like they were engineered by listening and not by math and scopes. Actually they sound incredibly real. The harmonic richness is just ridiculous. I can tell that they will be incredibly useful tools for mixing and mastering. It's such a drastically different sound when I switch to them from my other monitors. They are way efficient. The imaging that these do is so many times greater than what I had thought before was excellent. Like I said it's like the music comes out and creates an environment. My Dynaudios dont do that at all. They still sound like a speaker making sound. The Lowthers seem to dissapear and you're just left with the music. Thanks for turning me on to them. I'm so surprised to have discovered something like these."-----Brad Sarno

"For music, what can I say except truly remarkable. Once you break the Lowther's in you will never want another speaker for life. I challenge anyone to listen to the Lowther's for one month and then go to a Hi Fi shop with your favorite music CD and listen to the best loudspeakers they have. I did that and I could not stand to listen for more than 10 minutes before I walked out due to lack of clean detail and simply giving me a headache. For movies, they produce a truly believable sound with stacks of bass as they are. There is no asking someone sitting next to you ?? whatdid that actor say?? The sound and voice is crystal clear first time and every time. Ask me what the sound is like ?? The answer is 'out of this world' you have to hear it to believe it."----- Paul Papadimitriou

"Still running in, but "WOW" they are beautiful. Harsh edgy sounds from all my previous loudspeakers have dissolved into a wealth of inner details that I have never heard before. They really are very special! Thank you so very much." -----Laurence Platt

"I just wanted to report to you that my 2.8 Ambience speakers have arrived from Frank Wyatt, with the Lowther DX3 and Audio Nirvana drivers. I have been using them for three days now, and I must say the sound is absolutely stunning! They give the most beautiful and crisply precise sound I have ever heard from any speaker. I am absolutely delighted with them. My DIY OTL amplifier has no trouble at all driving into the 4 ohm load of the paralleled drivers. As you had predicted, they easily win out against the Klipsch Forte II's."--Christopher Pope

"Ok , I give up.....you have a bad ass box design.....All I can come up with is that it has acoustic properties similar to an acoustic guitar , where the hole and it's location amplify the mid/bass.....your box sounds much better.....it's very musical.....I have a new found respect for what I once thought was a remedial design , but it's genius....."-----Les Hudson (a speaker designer)

"Regarding the Lowthers, I was a bit skeptical. I had grown tired of giant sized speakers and the required ancillary power needed to drive these bloated driver systems. Nevertheless, after hearing the Lowthers, I soon sold my Legacy Focus speakers and Mark Levinson N0. 23 Power Amplifier to get a much smaller integrated tube amplifier (a 1963 Scott 222c) and the results were nothing short of outstanding. Particularly amazing were high quality recordings with female vocal tracks. But actually, I now hear instruments that were either not audible previously, or can be heard with such enhanced clarity compared to previous setups, that it is difficult to go back to the old speakers. Exceptional cases exist, but for a majority of my listening, the Lowthers are it. It may take you 30 or more hours of playing time to gradually break in the drivers, so be patient. I must also mention that the amount of clean bass output will surprise you as it does everyone that hears my system. Output below 40 hz or so is not very much in evidence but above that, it is quite a nice surprise, and not boomy, either."-----Dr. Gary Yavitz

"What I like about the Lowthers is best put this way very crudely--They put tears in my eyes and they make the hair stand up on my neck. Compared to any other speakers I have heard, it is like the difference in listening to a really good high-end boom box vs.: having a live performance in your room--the performer is just right here, just singing or playing to me, only. Bass performance is tight, realistic and more than adequate."-----Robert Howard

"We were absolutely impressed by the performance of your bass reflex cabinets. Let me tell you that I was finally very happy indeed to find a system configuration which rather brilliantly passed the hard test of Carmignola's dazzling violin in an extremely vibrant and exilirating, all Italian-spirited Vivaldi interpretation. We have seen very expensive systems COMPLETELY FALLING APART on these two tracks. My trust in your advice has been well compensated."-----Marcho Bianchi

"I got the DX3's this evening and got them in the enclosures. I can only say WOW!!....These are truly great speakers...the detail speed and resolution is not to be believed...and with 3 or 4 watts from my Zen triode monoblocked amps.. they rock!! Thank you very much."-----John (last name withheld by request)

"The Ambience are the best speakers I have ever owned. This includes Quad electrostatics, Magnepans, Merlins, Vandersteens, Rectilinears,Dynacos, Spendors, and the $18,000 Arabesques which I presently have. Their speed, natural musicality, and the ability to resolve musical textures and nuances are unparalled in my lifetime experience as an audiophile. Right out of the box the tonality is wonderful and the midrange on choirs, voices, and solo instruments beats my kilobuck system hands down. I am amazed at how I have been hoodwinked by all the high-end hype for all these years."-----Gene Sienkiewicz

"How this driver is capable of such (bass) extension with so little cone movement is truly a marvel to me. The small cone movement would explain the drivers incredible timing and transparency. If nothing else, this test has given me an even greater respect for these truly amazing drivers. In my limited experience, their only really limiting factor is the quality of the upstream components feeding the Lowthers. Any change in my system, no matter how trivial, is revealed by the Lowthers. It is truly the best money I've spent on my audio system. I wish you continued success in your business and the fight to open the minds and ears of the audio public to the astounding combination of the Lowthers and the bass reflex enclosure."-----David Highly

"I finally finished the cabinets, with the help of a friend, and I have to say the sound is absolutely stunning!!!!! GOOD JOB ON THE DESIGN! I heard things in the music I didn't know were there!"-----Damon Coffman

"I borrowed a friends amp/preamp and have been listening to the Lowthers and they sound amazing. I am hearing stuff in albums I have listened to for 20 years that I have never heard before. Also the tone and timbre are incredible. Surprisingly, the bass is great as well."-----Robert McDonald

"I'm still enjoying the wonderful Lowthers you delivered to me several years ago. As you predicted, they are more satisfying than the Altec Lansing 'Voice of the Theater' 15-inchers in my great room."--Frank Lineberger

"Thought you might be interested to know I finished my living room remodel with the built in speakers and was blown away with how good they sounded in their new enclosures! You were right no sub is needed! They have plenty of bass. I can't believe these 8" speakers sound so good."-----Terry Moore

"I am listening to the MKII, built yesterday. They give a deep and strong sound, with much energy with only 0.5 to 1 watt coming from my power amp. The bass is better than before. I have listened to different kinds of music including some of the CD's shown on your web site. I have also tested with my CD tones to hear the frequency response, I get a good bass down to 40hz, the 63hz is a little bit stronger then 50hz and 80hz, the rest of frequencies is good. They have become my new reference speakers. Many thanks."-----Franck Meziani (from Italy)

"I set the amplifier and speakers up yesterday afternoon and have played the demo CD and a few of my CD's at a low volume just to slowly break everything in. Well, a few minutes ago I decided to turn up the volume a bit, on a song called Peel Me A Grape which is on a SACD I have by DianaKrall, and it sounded spectacular. My wife just looked at me and said. "Wow." The sense of three dimensions in space was quite impressive. I think this combination is going to be a great fit in my living room. Thank you so much."--Tom Barkman

"Took your suggestion & put PM6As in minitowers - wow! Much more bass than my monsters. I guess you cannot fitz with plans. Lack of warmth not a problem with minitowers and PM6As."-----Harry Haacke

"Drivers arrived in good order. Thank you for making these available on the net! I installed them in a pair of ugly 1970's BIC cabinets with tweeter removed, driven by a decware zen se amp with msb dac and Dynalab tuner as sources. Unbelievable clarity, speed, and huge soundstage, the entire wall of my small den is alive with music! Clear , accurate ,but not harsh."-----Richard Saeli

"I'm not sure which part of the amp/speaker/Marantz CDspecial combo makes the whole thing as awesome sounding as it is but the presence is astounding. I'm very happy with the speakers; once I got them out of the boxes and up to the third floor of the house that is. So... thank you, thank you, thank you."-----Ben Rudnick

"They just sound so much more right/correct than anything else. I am confident that you speak the truth about your designs because I have tested your claims directly. I am itching to help turn others on to these products."-----Lance Akridge

"I appreciate your good job. The packing is complete. I was amazed at the sound. The sound from the speaker is smooth but accurate. I can now indulge in the music itself."--Hiroshi Sera (from Japan)

"Finally put the Infinitys back together and did a side by side test with the Lowthers and your ultra cd. First apparent observation is the Lowtherssound more continuous from lows to highs where the Infinitys have some strong areas within each of the 3 speakers ranges and but also weak areas that get missed. Although the bass response on the Infinitys might be a little stronger, the Lowthers have greater balance between all the ranges and sound more natural. I am definitely spoiled now."----Ray Sussman

"I find the amazing sound from these Lowthers can't be beat. I was worried about low bass response but this is not the case."-----David Stahl

"Absolutely AMAZING!!!! I love my drivers! I was watching a movie the other night and there was a couple in the background eating and you could hear their forks hitting the plate ... and these were the people in the background!!! I cannot believe the detail of these drivers!!!!"--Ben Fine

" I set up the DX3 in a closed 1.5 cu. ft., 3/4" birch ply cabinet .---- I can't believe the amt. of bass from this little 8"!!---- Mids are also open and rich, with very good texture."--Peter Panaro

"The drivers have an uncanny ability to reproduce music accurately and maintain a natural (you are there) sound. In addition, they are the most comfortable speaker to listen to that I have ever owned. My ProAc studio 100's are used in many of the top recording studio's worldwide, however, they cannot reproduce the low level information of the Lowther driver and they will induce the so called 'listener fatigue'. I believe that a pair ofMinimonitors with a single or pair of matching subwoofers will provide an audio hobbyist with a system that will exceed expectations. I don't easily give praise to products, but yours deserve it."--Mark Thorne

"Anyway, I'll spare you my personal saga and just say thanks for the good service--your patience on the telephone, the good packing, and the high quality of the merchandise. It's been a pleasure, and a real pleasure listening to this piece of equipment."-----Billy Rhinehart

"I can't help but give you praise. My experience w/ you, is nothing short of exemplary. Is there a rating system somewhere on your website, orAudioweb, because it would give me great pleasure to leave you some pos. feedback."-----David Celestin

"Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the Lowthers that I purchased from you. They have aged very well and I have finally gotten my brain used to properly reproduced sound. They are the best part of my system."--Rob McDonald

"My new speakers are here, and I am very happy with them. Thank you so much for getting them packed beautifully, and for being very helpful in general! I will recommend your services to anybody who is interested. Many thanks again."-----Eddie Balzer

"Big port and DX3 are showing their great ability day by day!"-----Kaname Higa (from Japan)



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